The high level of reliability offered by Suzzi is guaranteed by the experience acquired since 1975, mainly with leading automotive sector companies, and provided in many other manufacturing sectors. Suzzi also boasts a modern organisational system able to fulfil customer orders on time and in full, in a fully traceable way, as well as a constant post-sale assistance service.
For years the management team of Suzzi has organised and managed a specialised supply chain, which it partly owns. This enables it to quickly and flexibly respond to customer demands in terms of product ranges, volumes and times.
Its specific technical expertise, gained over the years in a number of sectors, enables Suzzi to design and engineer effective customised solutions for NON-standard needs.
Suzzi can count on highly specialised human resources, trained over years of close collaboration with the company’s management team.
The economic benefits for the customer are derived from Suzzi’s policy on resource optimisation and waste reduction within the entire supply chain.
The company Suzzi is based in a logistically well-connected geographic area, which boasts the presence of important manufacturing districts at the national level.
For years the management team of SUZZI has organised and managed a specialised supply chain, which it partly owns. This allows it to respond quickly to customer needs.
The experience gained in many sectors, generally and particularly in the automotive sector, has enabled Suzzi staff to develop extensive expertise in component engineering, process structuring, control objectivation and traceability, which lead to the guaranteed results and product reliability typically required by customers.
By making itself the only point of contact Suzzi guarantees the continuity of customer relations and the safeguarding of customer investments, keeping an archive of all of the changes made to. Over time, this guarantees a more efficient and effective work flow.